Product Description

Series Features:Replicated pink paint with white trim and accents. Optional rolling trundle/storage box provides versatile function. Fun asymmetrical dresser format offers deep storage drawers. B100-11, B100-12 can be used in substitution of a box spring on the twin or full panel beds. Headboard legs have four height options for optimal relationship to bedding height. Twin (53) and full (87) headboards can attach to a bolt-on metal bed frame B100-21. Side roller glides for smooth operating drawers. Large white wood knobs. Slim profile dual USB charger located on the back of the night stand top.

Twin Panel Footboard
41.61” W x 1.02” D x 19.88” H
1057.00mm W x 26.00mm D x 505.00mm H

Twin Panel Headboard
41.61” W x 1.77” D x 42.68” H
1057.00mm W x 45.00mm D x 1084.00mm H

Full Panel Footboard
56.61” W x 1.02” D x 19.88” H
1438.00mm W x 26.00mm D x 505.00mm H

Full Panel Headboard
56.61” W x 1.77” D x 42.72” H
1438.00mm W x 45.00mm D x 1085.00mm H

47.13” W x 15.35” D x 36.42” H
1197.00mm W x 390.00mm D x 925.00mm H

Bedroom Mirror
33.35” W x 1.10” D x 35.83” H
847.00mm W x 28.00mm D x 910.00mm H

Four Drawer Chest
29.49” W x 15.35” D x 46.38” H
749.00mm W x 390.00mm D x 1178.00mm H

One Drawer Night Stand
18.46” W x 15.35” D x 21.93” H
469.00mm W x 390.00mm D x 557.00mm H


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